Strange Beauty Trends Throughout History That Seem Very Absurd


November 28, 2021

Beauty standards might change with time, but what is certain is that we always try our best to look better. It has always been the case but there have been some strange beauty trends over the years. Still, it is interesting to look back and study it, which is what Zachary Margolis does on TikTok, revealing weird and sometimes even dangerous ways to fit the beauty standards. For instance, Romans used urine to whiten their teeth and women used to sculpt their wigs with lard in the 18th century. We can therefore wonder if today’s beauty standards will look as weird in a hundred years.

White complexions

As we mentioned earlier, some of the beauty techniques used in the past were really dangerous, and that is the case for women trying to whiten their complexions. Indeed, they actually ate deadly arsenic wafers, and even though it is stated “guaranteed absolutely safe and harmless to anybody”, we would not recommend it. In fact, it was revealed that it caused many harmless side effects such as cancer, baldness, and epilepsy. However, it wasn’t prohibited for a while and in 1902 you could actually buy arsenic wafers from the department store Sears, which says a lot.