Volunteers discover the heartbreaking reason this cat only accepts food in bags.


November 28, 2021

Life on the street is not easy for any species, and cats are no exception. While domestic cats enjoy a pampered existence, stray animals are forced to live on the whim of the elements struggle every day to find food and survive. If you’ve ever fed a stray animal, then you know how hard life can be for them and how grateful they are for any free scrap of food. While they may distrust people, if there is food to offer, the stray animals will devour it as fast as they can before jumping to safety.

That’s what makes this story so strange and intriguing, as you’ll see. When a volunteer from a South Korean animal shelter realized the strange way a cat was eating, she decided to follow it and figure out what was going on. What she discovered changed the way she would see each animal around her.

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