Keeping healthy isn’t always easy, you may not know where to start. Here you will find some very easy ways to slowly begin a healthier lifestyle, from simply sleeping to trying fun new things like skateboarding or yoga. Check in weekly to see what’s going on in the world of health and so much more.

  • 5 Reasons why pineapple is good for you

    If you’re still not aware of the virtues and qualities of this superfood that mainly grows in South America and various regions of Asia, discover five good reasons why you should include this magical fruit in your diet. 1. A rich source of vitamins and minerals Pineapple contains vitamin A, 58 IU, vitamin C 48 […]

    November 25, 2021
  • Reasons why Matcha Tea is incredibly good for your health

    Green tea is certainly the healthiest type of tea because it is not processed, but matcha tea comes from Japan and is considered a superfood. When consumed in powder form, it has many health benefits, so let’s learn more about this amazing powder. On top of social networks, matcha tea can be found in different […]

    August 27, 2021
  • Is it possible to turn yourself into a morning person?

    Often, non-morning people are given the label : lazy. But is it really a choice to be a non-person? Is it possible to become an early bird, be one of those people who get up hours before work to make fresh juice, do some chores and do sport before heading off to work?  Your body’s […]

    August 12, 2021
  • 5 Reasons to get into skateboarding

    As skateboarding has debuted in the 2021 Tokyo Olympics, both street and park, you would be surprised by the benefits that come from skateboarding. Indeed it is more than just an afterschool activity for children and teenagers. The five reasons to get into skateboarding are actually five health and social benefits you can get from […]

    August 6, 2021
  • Here’s how to make your garden a friendly environment for wildlife

    No matter how big or small your garden may be, you can always make it a friendlier place for wildlife. Most people take huge pride in their gardens, and rightly so as they are difficult to maintain, but how much better could it be if you could also make it the perfect environment for both […]

    August 4, 2021
  • Choosing the right yoga practice for you is important

    You may have noticed that many people took up yoga during lockdown. This isn’t surprising as the sport has many health benefits, and not always the ones you first think of. Furthermore, did you know that there are different types of yoga? Depending on what your body or mind needs, you won’t choose the same […]

    August 3, 2021
  • Scotland is the first country in the world to vote for free periodic protection

    Scotland has settled. The Scottish parliament voted on the question “Shall we make the periodic protection free?”. And the majority opted for a YES, a big YES! 112 deputies voted favorably and there was just 1 abstention. On the 26th of January this news delighted every woman in Scotland. It became a symbol for all […]

    May 6, 2020
  • A strategic use of smells could improve our learning capacities

    According to a recent study, the use of odours while learning and sleeping could improve our learning capacities, and even boost exam performances. The experiment’s conclusion is that if we learn things while smelling a particular scent, and then sleep next to the scent, it will be much easier for us to remember the things […]

    May 6, 2020