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  • How to go on holiday with your dog

    Many households have dogs as pets. Often, people think it is complicated to go on holiday with their beloved pooch and will leave them with friends, family or in kennels. But did you know that you can still go on holiday and bring your four-legged friend with you? There are simply four rules to follow, […]

    August 6, 2021
  • The feeling we get as we pack for our first post-lockdown holiday

    Has anybody else forgotten what it’s like to go on holiday? If you have, don’t worry, most people have after lockdown and closed borders. With holidays being impossible for almost a whole year, the feelings we’ll now feel when packing a suitcase, may be different from what they used to be.  Of course some of […]

    August 6, 2021
  • Go paddle boarding with a corgi in Florida!

    You can now travel in Florida with the best travel buddy- a Corgi! After Airbnb’s announcement in 2019 about their new animal adventures,SUP PUP Paddleboard Tour in Fort Lauderdale has proved to be very popular amongst holiday goers. This ninety minute paddleboard tour will take you through Las Olas canals of Florida with an adorable […]

    May 6, 2020
  • Top 5 reasons why Madagascar should be on your travel bucket list

    With its wonderful natural setting, Madagascar attracts everyone, from first time visitors to returning travelers. The island nation’s biodiversity is astonishing, with over 100 species of lemurs, 300 species of birds and half of the world’s chameleons. Located off the coast of Mozambique, it offers plenty of activities for outdoorsy people, magnificent beaches and a […]

    May 6, 2020
  • Adelaide hasn’t seen any rain in 5 years

    Not a spot of rain since 2014. The consequences are devastating for the inhabitants of Adelaide, a rural town in South Africa. Rain was expected to water the land weeks ago but cattle ranchers and farmers are still waiting.  The city’s dam has been dry for an entire year and the pipes are in terrible […]

    May 6, 2020
  • Travel to Madeira, a Portuguese treasure

    Located 1076 kilometers south-west of Portugal, Madeira is an archipelago comprising 4 islands. Forget Christano Ronalado and his legendary goal-scoring, Madeira has enough going for it to please both tourists and inhabitants alike.  Wherever you turn, you are greeted with spectacular views of the cliffs and oceans, stunning green scenery and mind-blowing sunsets. Read on […]

    May 6, 2020