A man turns an old plane into a house. Watch when he opens the door and reveals the interior


August 14, 2022

If you found a plain in the middle of the woods, what would you think happened? Was it a mysterious accident? Or an old plane cemetery? This one was found in Hillsboro, Oregon by Bruce Campbell, a retired electrical engineer and a very inventive man. Bruce likes to transform planes destined for scrap metal into ornate works of architecture. He thinks that the planes have a lot of potential outside of their intended use. Using a large dose of imagination, an old plane and a large piece of land on which to build the most unique house in the world. Keep reading to see how he constructed his bizarre house and take a look inside!

1 – A grand vision

Bruce Campbell, 64-year-old retired engineer, always had a creative vision. When he was about 20 years old, he bought a four-hectare piece of land in the forest of Hillsboro, Oregon, for 20,000 EUR, with a very clear vision in his head. From a young age, Campbell liked to tinker with old objects and materials to create entirely new things. His plan for the piece of land was to construct a house from a number of cargo vans. It seemed like a wonderful and innovative plan, but it was before he heard talk of a house built by someone else.