How to go on holiday with your dog


June 30, 2022

Many households have dogs as pets. Often, people think it is complicated to go on holiday with their beloved pooch and will leave them with friends, family or in kennels. But did you know that you can still go on holiday and bring your four-legged friend with you? There are simply four rules to follow, yes it is that simple.


Rule one 

First of all, try not to plan to go anywhere too fancy if you want to bring your dog. Instead of picking a gorgeous old hotel, try and find dog friendly options. There are plenty of hotels, B&Bs as well as caravan parks that will gladly welcome pooches. Also, your dog doesn’t understand fancy, it’ll be happy no matter where it is, as long as you are there.

Rule two 

Try to avoid places with carpets. Even if your dog is perfectly well house-trained, accidents can happen and of course, dogs get dirty and muddy, and if you are staying somewhere with carpets, the cleaning process will be a lot harder. Instead opt for tiles or laminate flooring as they can easily be cleaned if your dog has an accident or tracks mud everywhere. Some hotels have said that they don’t have an issue with allowing dogs in their hotel, but more of an issue with owners who don’t know how to make them behave properly

Rule three 

Travelling abroad with your dog has become more difficult with Brexit. Before, all you needed was a passport for your pet, now you need an Animal Health Certificate, which has to be issued within 10 days of the date you plan to travel. Also, it is vital that your dog is up to date with its rabies vaccinations and is microchipped. It is also good to check beforehand any other requirements that may be needed as every country has different rules when it comes to pets. 

Rule four 

Sometimes people think that everyone loves dogs as much as owners do. However, that isn’t always the case. You might have family members that are available to dog sit, but maybe they don’t like dogs or are afraid of them, making it impossible for them to look after your four-legged friend while on holiday. It is also most likely that your beloved pooch would rather go on holiday with you rather than spend two weeks away from you. So why not try to always find dog-friendly options when planning your holiday? Obviously sometimes it isn’t always possible, but there really are plenty of options.