The 30 most beautiful women in the world


January 25, 2022

Beauty is obviously very subjective, and everyone will have a different top 30 of the most beautiful women in the world. However, wether you prefer blondes or brunettes, we can still make a list on which most of us can agree on since these women have all been voted as the most beautiful regularly. Many of them are actresses, but we are happy to say there is plenty to discover about their careers, and that beauty isn’t the only thing to be praised about them. So let’s check out who made the cut, and see how many of them are from Great Britain, so that we can make the nation proud. 

Mozhdah Jamalzadah

When Mozhdah was very young, she fled the civil war in Afghanistan. Her family decided to settle in Canada, where she discovered her passion for music. The singer became famous with her single called “Afghan Girl”, and she made it to the top of the Canadian charts. She also became the host of the “The Mozdah Show”. The show was picked up by the international press for its content and she was given the title of “Oprah of Afghanistan”. She was invited by the White House on the occasion of International Women’s Day 2010 to perform her famous song “Dokhtare Afghan”. She even started in a drama film ‘Red Snow’ and had a biography written of her by Greystone Books titled “Voice of Rebellion”.