23 never-seen-before photos of the Titanic that will give you chills (and bring you to tears)


September 21, 2021

1. The first picture of the Titanic

During the night from April 14th to April 15th, the captain and his crew are surprised by a collision. The Titanic had just hit an iceberg. The crew is particularly surprised because the messages sent by other ships to warn the Titanic of the imminent danger never reached the captain’s cabin. The ship was built to resist to only four flooded compartments, and six compartments were damaged in the fateful crash.

A few impressive numbers about the Titanic:
The massive ship was 269 meters long, and held a 885-member crew as well as 2,471 passengers. It contained 10 decks and boasted a cruising speed of 39 km/h.