Reasons why Matcha Tea is incredibly good for your health


June 30, 2022

Green tea is certainly the healthiest type of tea because it is not processed, but matcha tea comes from Japan and is considered a superfood. When consumed in powder form, it has many health benefits, so let’s learn more about this amazing powder.

On top of social networks, matcha tea can be found in different forms such as lattes, cakes, or even beauty products. It is always a hit but what is it exactly? Matcha tea comes from Camellia Sinensis, and is obtained by grinding dried tea leaves. The process is pretty long but it is definitely worth it in the end, and it produces a very special flavour. To prepare it, you need a teaspoon of matcha whisked with hot water.

An immunity booster

Thanks to its components, matcha boosts immunity. Indeed, elements such as zinc, copper and iron play an important role in fighting infections. It also contains catechins, which help reduce the risk of viruses so it has an antiviral property, which helps our body fight the flu.

A detox drink

Matcha tea contains chlorophyll, which makes it an ideal detox drink, absorbing toxins in your body and cleaning your blood. Matcha has got detoxifying properties thanks to the antioxidants, vitamin C and beta-carotene it contains. These elements also help reduce cellular aging and the risks of diseases while detoxifying the body.

A stress relief

Matcha is very rich in magnesium and has a relaxing effect, which means it can help reduce stress. In addition, L-theanine will put you in a good mood and help relieve emotional stress. So, if you need to relax, do not hesitate and drink some matcha tea.

Increasing concentration

Consuming matcha also increases concentration, and will make you alert without making you nervous, unlike coffee. The L-theanine found in matcha is known to stimulate alpha brain waves, which have concentration-boosting effects. So it might just be time to convince everyone to replace the coffee break with the “matcha break”.