How to save money without giving up on what you love

Between low salaries and the high cost of living, it’s not always easy to manage your budget properly, especially if you don’t want to give up on pleasures that really make you enjoy life. So what could you do to avoid feeling bad about saving money? To avoid the impression that you are just getting by in life, here are some tips that will allow you to make ends meet without giving up spending on the things you love doing.

In order to keep a budget, the first rule is that you should always have an overview of your finances. Write your monthly income, and take out the “recurring expenses” (such as rent, bills, food, insurance, mortgage, etc) that you will have to pay each month, so that you know how much you are left with. Of course, if you want to save money you can also compare prices of telephone companies or electricity and gas suppliers so that you always get the best deal.

All these expenses usually add up to almost 50% of your salary, so it is important to manage them properly. And for the rest, how do you manage without going overdrawn? It’s actually quite simple – you should choose carefully what you buy and assess whether it is really necessary. When it comes to travel, it’s always best to go in low season, and to check out all the options among the different travel companies. Keep an eye out for the best deals so that you can manage your finances properly.

Of course, this advice has to be adapted to everyone. As far as you are concerned, you need to focus on your own priorities, but these basic rules won’t hurt and can help you make the right decisions. And of course, don’t forget that sometimes you can break the rules if necessary.