The feeling we get as we pack for our first post-lockdown holiday


June 30, 2022

Has anybody else forgotten what it’s like to go on holiday? If you have, don’t worry, most people have after lockdown and closed borders. With holidays being impossible for almost a whole year, the feelings we’ll now feel when packing a suitcase, may be different from what they used to be. 

Of course some of the feelings will be the same, but they may be heightened as it has been so long since your last holiday, and new ones will have appeared as the conditions for holidays have changed due to the pandemic.


Naturally, the first feeling you’ll get as you begin packing your suitcase is excitement. This is normal as many of us haven’t been on a proper holiday for over a year so of course you’ll be overjoyed to be packing again. However, this feeling may quickly change to something else…


As you get into the flow of packing, your excitement might turn into depression. Why? Because you have to make room for new things like masks and hand sanitiser, which makes less room for your clothes. Or maybe because going away was so hard, you didn’t think to buy new holiday clothes, leaving you with only a few options left and no time to go shopping. 


Even though the world is opening up again slowly, sadly you never know what might happen. As rules can change everyday, you may be thinking it isn’t actually worth all the hassle if it’s just for the borders to close on the day you leave, maybe you’ll just camp in your back garden…



As you continue packing, you soon realise that maybe it is all worth it as if you do manage to get to wherever you’re going, you have a whole world to discover, ew things to see and to try. You’re finally getting that proper holiday in the sun instead of just taking some days off to sit at home in front of the TV. Surely that is worth the hassle, no?


Finally you’ve finished packing your suitcase and you are finally ready to go on that hard-earned holiday you’ve been desperate for. Is this actually happening? Are you really going to get on that plane and go on holiday? It all seems like a dream and you’re worried you’ll wake up any second. 


As you head off to the airport or train station, you are in utter awe at the fact that you are finally going on a proper holiday after a year of being stuck in doors! Now just sit back and relax as your lockdown dream comes true.